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St. Petersburg Child Custody Attorneys

St. Petersburg Child Custody Attorneys child 1835730 1920 768x512 1 300x200If you want your children to grow as well-rounded individuals, you and your spouse will be influential in ensuring it happens. As their parents, you are your children’s first teachers and serve as an example to them as they face the various challenges and milestones in life. However, if you and your spouse undergo divorce, your children will feel the impacts it will cause in their lives and likely affect the way they see you as a parent.

When divorce does persist, the court will make sure that children will be given the parental support they need and their interests are protected. In Florida, a child custody agreement or a parenting plan is in place that will allow parents to still be an active part of their child’s life, with one parent given physical custody of the children while the other gets visitation rights. This parenting plan will also indicate what responsibilities each parent needs to provide and what their child’s interests and needs must be met.

Do you need assistance getting a parenting plan done and approved by your ex-spouse? Or do you want to know the child custody laws in St. Petersburg, FL? Don’t hesitate to ring Law Office of Kerya L. Koeut, P.A. and our experienced team of St. Petersburg child custody lawyers anytime. Our lawyers will look into your case and personalize our legal assistance to help you sort out the case to accommodate all parties, especially your children. The final parenting plan agreed upon with us as your legal representative will help you and your child continue to have a strong familial relationship even if a divorce occurs.

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Definition of Child Custody in Florida

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“Child custody” is listed in the Florida Statutes as a part of the time-sharing and parental responsibility section of the parenting plan ordered by the court for parents to follow if they divorce and have children who will be affected by the divorce.

The statute defines time-sharing as the schedule that indicates how much time a parent can spend with their child. Meanwhile, parental responsibility highlights the level of decision-making rights either parent holds regarding their child’s life. The court will review the case to determine if the parents will have equal responsibility for their child’s future or if only one will be allowed to decide for their child or children.

Your assigned St. Petersburg child custody lawyer will explain the statute to help you understand how you can design an effective parenting plan with your ex-spouse. The explanation will also help you understand how the court can become involved if the parents disagree with the parenting plan.

Florida Child Custody Determination

St. Petersburg Child Custody Attorneys child custody attorney 768x509 1 300x199In Florida, the parents can discuss the time-sharing agreement and parenting plan independently without court supervision. The court will approve the arrangement as long as both parents will respect it and it will protect their child’s best interests.

However, if the parents cannot agree, the court can create a parenting plan that they believe will work for the case. The court will consider various factors to help develop a suitable parenting plan, putting the child’s best interests and welfare at the forefront. Some of these factors include the child’s medical and educational needs, the custodial parent’s capability to provide for their child, the schedule of the other parent, and the willingness of both parents to build a relationship with their children. If the children are old enough to decide for themselves, the court can ask them for their opinion.

While your assigned St. Petersburg child custody lawyers cannot guarantee that we will get the ideal child custody arrangement you prefer, we promise to fight for the best arrangement once the court orders a parenting plan for the case. We will walk you through the parenting plan and see which parts can be negotiated. Once these points are identified, we will devise a parenting plan matching the points you want to be considered.

Child Custody Enforcement, Modification, & Relocation

St. Petersburg Child Custody Attorneys child support segment 300x199Once the court approves a parenting plan to allow the parents to continue strengthening their relationship with their children regardless of who gets custody, it can still be modified. Conditions such as relocation for work, the child’s changing medical and academic needs, and a change in the circumstances of the custodial parent may be used as a reason to request a child custody modification. Domestic violence and abuse can also call for modification.

Before the court considers a modification request, one party can file a request to start the proceedings. The court will consider all evidence presented by all parties during the hearing before a modification is applied if there is due cause. You will need a child custody attorney who can file the necessary petition to the court and present the evidence to increase the chances of getting the court to support your request. With Law Office of Kerya L. Koeut, P.A. as your lawyers, we will not only guide you through the legal process and help you with your petition, but we will also negotiate on your behalf to get a new plan in place and provide you with advice if you are uncertain about what path to take for your situation.

Law Office of Kerya L. Koeut, P.A. can also assist you if you believe that the parenting plan or custody arrangement is not supported by one party. Whether you have custody or are deprived of your rights to have custody of your child, our St. Petersburg child custody lawyers can look at the case and file the necessary documentation to seek the court’s action to enforce the agreement.

Get a Consultation with a St. Petersburg Child Custody Lawyer

Law Office of Kerya L. Koeut, P.A.Children deserve to be in an environment that will allow them to thrive and still have continuous contact with their parents if they agree to divorce.

Our St. Petersburg, FL, family law firm is always ready to listen to your side and help you fight for custody or question the current custody arrangements. We will look into your case carefully to determine the best legal action to take to achieve the best result for your case. You can also trust us to fight on your behalf in court and make sure you are also prepared for any outcome so that you can plan accordingly. Our team will also handle your case with care and compassion to protect your child’s rights and your relationship with them.

To learn more about our legal services, contact us anytime and avail yourself of our free consultation service. We will take a look at your case with you together and start the process.

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