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St. Petersburg Adoption Attorneys

Deciding to expand your family by adopting can be one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences in life. Our Adoption Attorneys offer comprehensive legal services to those looking to adopt a child, regardless of the situation surrounding the adoption.

Types of Adoption

There are many reasons why a family or individual would choose to adopt a child. Some families are unable to have children themselves, while others wish to expand their family to legally include other family members or the children of their spouse. The relationship you currently have with the child determines what type of adoption you will pursue. A qualified adoption attorney can not only help you understand what type of adoption you need, but can assist you with completing the adoption process, regardless of the type.

StepParent Adoption, Relative Adoption, & Second Parent Adoption

Some of the more common adoptions include step-parent adoption, and relative adoptions. In these situations, the birth parent is relinquishing their rights to either another family member, or to a step-parent who will then become the legal guardian of the child. This is similar to Second Parent Adoptions for LGBTQ families where the child is the legal child of one of the parents, and the spouse wishes to be a legal parent as well.

Foster Care Adoption

Foster Care Adoption would be the next most common category, where a Foster Parent chooses to adopt a child that has already been placed in their care. These are one of the easier adoptions to obtain, as the child is typically a ward of the state, with their birth parents either having relinquished rights, or had them already removed by the court system. The Foster Parent has already been approved to keep the child as well, so this will help with expediting the adoption process.

Independent Adoption & Agency Adoption

Independent and Agency Adoptions, both international and domestic, would be the least common and most complex type of adoption to pursue. However, this is often one of the most rewarding types of adoption, because it is typically done by those who cannot have children of their own, or that feel a special calling to expand their family with an otherwise unwanted child.

How We Assist with the Adoption Process

Don’t let the intimidation of the legal adoption process stand in the way of completing your family! Our Adoption Attorneys are ready to assist you in not only completing the adoption process, but will work to ensure that your adoption is completely as efficiently and inexpensively as possible, and will be irrevocable. We will clearly explain each step of the process, and will be available to you every step of the way, including providing resources and references to other professional service providers you may need in the future.

Consultation with a St. Petersburg Adoption Attorney

When handling any top of adoption, our focus is always on efficiency and affordability. We understand that the longer the process takes, the more expensive it becomes, and the more stressful it becomes. We diligently work to make the process as smooth as possible, so you can focus on transitioning the new addition to your family. For a consultation with one of our experienced and dedicated Adoption Lawyers, call us now at (727) 201-2724.